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Celebrate the Divine*

Updated: May 14, 2021

A month of prayer and contemplation

Fast for compassion and reflection

Ends in feasting and festivities

Ask forgiveness in communities

A day that marks the great ascension

Forty days after resurrection

Our suffering can now be released

As bright Divine light is now increased

All around the Earth this blessed day

People celebrate after they pray

Joined in their sacred understanding

Light and good-will are now expanding

Would it be possible to join hands

Uniting hearts in all distant lands

Embracing our shared humanity

Ending hatred and brutality

Let us all rise up in consciousness

Dropping our dogmas and righteousness

Knowing that we are all related

United we are elevated

Today fill your heart with gratitude

Striding forth with love and fortitude

Know that your essence is immortal

With kindness fly through Heaven’s portal

*Eid al-Fitr (Arab)/ Idul Fitri (Indonesia), the end of Ramadan (Islam) month of fasting and Ascension Day (Christian)

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