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Calling All Angels

Wings spread wide, then joined in prayer

How far a reach will I dare?

Into the abyss unknown

Must I go there all alone?

In the darkness I find peace

The sounds of night bring release

In the light I do rejoice

Wisdom from within I voice

Oh great angels cover me

With your love help me to see

The blessings that you provide

That I can feel from inside

To know the truths of this life

We must be calm, free from strife

Tune into the mystery

Aware and loving you will be

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In this time of uncertainty

Our choices are what set us free

Release your fears and trust your heart

With passion and love, play your part

Lift up your arms, reach to the sky

Call all your angels up on high

To help us in our urgent plight

To bring all darkness to the light

The time has come for us to see

People living in harmony

Nurturing nature carefully

Release all negativity

A world at peace can surely be

When we act compassionately

Embrace others as family

Let’s birth a new reality

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