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Blessed Child

Blessed child of the universe

Change of ages you now traverse

Disruption is seen everywhere

Now is the time to love and care

Difficult as this seems to be

The future always hard to see

The path you take will now decide

How you live and where you reside

All around is uncertainty

Hardship and great complexity

With challenges relentlessly

What is it that will set us free

Finding one’s center in this storm

Understanding beyond the norm

Show up with love and thus transform

Disrupted systems now reform

What in our lives is essential

Love is surely fundamental

And what it takes to have great wealth

Starts with friendship and mental health

The only things you can control

Are your feelings that make you whole

Aligning with what’s positive

Will fuel the blessings that you give

This is the time to look within

Embrace your shadows and begin

To master a new discipline

Let loving kindness be built-in

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