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Awakening to the Light

The New Year looms before us Like the Eagle taking flight Bringing forth our deepest hopes Awakening to the Light

It is time to set your goals Loosen your grip on controls Enter into your life dance All your faculties enhance

Oh, great and mighty Spirit

Within our beings always In all creation know it Within everything it plays Please, help me to realize

The love, the peace, and the light… Wellness is the highest prize Which flows from expanded sight We all live within vast space

Align now with what is kind Make this world a better place A healthy life mastermind Our blessed Divine Mother

Oh Father, you are sublime The incense and the flower The great mystery of Time To know that in the present

Is where everything resides All is based on your intent The universe then provides My heart filled with gratitude

For all the gifts I receive Faith in life is now renewed In miracles I believe When all is within our reach

It’s up to us what we weave The tapestry of our life Reflects that which we believe

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