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Love Above All (what really matters)

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Each moment of every day

An opportunity to stay

Attuned to how I react and feel

Intuiting what for me is real

My footprint here is unique

The foundation of what I seek

When from my heart I express

I realize true happiness

Pressures that life puts upon me

Drive me deeper so I will see

A wider field of reality

An increase in sensitivity

When I relax and still my mind

Settling into a quiet space

Allowing tensions to unwind

I enter into sacred place

I open my heart to receive

All the blessings that toward me flow

That miracles I may conceive

My radiant being with love aglow

And thus I walk upon the earth

Grateful to receive this gift

Brilliant insights for my rebirth

That my burdens may from me lift

Thus with an open heart I move

That obstacles my love remove

Knowing what resonates with me

Leads me into deep ecstasy

In this time may we all find

Harmony and peace of mind

Self-love the core of all we do

That blessings in our lives accrue

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