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Angst & Uncertainty

Angst and uncertainty

Within the dance of life

Are a part of the journey

As are trust and delight

Freedom is found within

When ourselves we release

From judgements and begin

To forgive, love increase

Not that this is easy

Or always possible

Sometimes I feel queasy

My critic audible

Peace within is the goal

That I attempt to find

Searching deep in my soul

For all ways to be kind

Friends and loves see me through

The ups and downs of my moods

When I am feeling blue

I release attitudes

Simple fact that I am

Sharing the Earth with all

A cosmic hologram

An eye within the squall

So I move day by day

Into sweet loves embrace

Grateful in every way

Creating sacred space

This is my life’s purpose

To show up and be strong

To burn in love’s furnace

With kindness all lifelong

And when I turn to ashes

And reach the other shore

Life before me flashes

With blessings from the core

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