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9/11 - Fear, War, Control


Hidden in plain sight

We drove her to the airport in September

Two weeks of fun in Bali, I remember

We hugged and laughed, tearily parted

We were driving home when mom departed

Flying to California, high in the sky

September 12th evening for us was nigh

Around 5am New York City time on 9/11

2001, this Odyssey began to happen

The call came at 6am that mom was back in Bali

At the Intercontinental, she was melancholy

“Turn on the TV” Mom’s voice was shaking.

“You won’t believe, it’s heartbreaking”

The news on every channel played

Videos of the planes, the world dismayed

Missile into the towers, explosion

Smoke and flames, then implosion

People jumping in desperation

Buildings collapse, demolition decimation

Straight to the ground, no swaying or falling

Confusion and panic, conditions appalling

Then the attack on the Pentagon

Civilian wing, the army gone

Hundreds die as a plane hits a lawn

Ten hours later falling straight to the ground

Building 7 implodes with a deafening sound

We call our friend Jim, Lt. Col. US Military Intelligence

In our guest cottage his wife asleep with elegance

He comes down from the bed, bleary eyed,

Watches for a minute, and then he cried…

“Those cowboys in Washington! This is their doing”

I’m in shock, “what do you mean, what’s been brewing?”

Jim’s dark penetrating eyes peer into mine,

“Getting us into a war, this crosses the line”

“For years we have been a peace keeping force,

“A war on terrorism will be our new course.”

History repeats itself in volution

2001: Space Odyssey, human evolution

Violence and distorted information

Manipulated by dark motivation

The God of Greed, manifestation

Fear, war, control, devastation

For the few accumulation

Alpha male domination

Has the time come for a change?

A new world born to re-arrange

Our priorities as a human race

Our shortcomings openly face?

Human nature easy to control

Follow the leader, one and all

Be included, don’t run and fall

Be excluded and go awol

None of us want to be isolated

At essence we are all related

In order for fear to be abated

All topics must be debated

Transparency for all and each

Is easily within our reach

No voice suppressed

Compassion expressed

Wisdom and understanding

Lead to our expanding

Living in ways upstanding

That life will be outstanding

When angry voices are expressed

They often come from those oppressed

Calling for help for what they need

Listen to what it is they plead

Search for the pain which is the seed

Essential before we or others bleed

Then provide them with help and care

Of their needs we best be aware

Finding ways for all to thrive

Beyond our right to survive

A world abundant and for all fair

Goodwill, love and kindness will be ours to share

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