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Do you believe in miracles ?

Have you ever been in a difficult situation with no apparent way out, facing a challenge that you had no idea how you would resolve, or perhaps no money to buy food and not sure where your next meal was coming from? And then, at the last minute you were saved?


How many times have you been thinking about someone and they called or you ran into them? Our lives are filled with everyday miracles if you stop to think about and appreciate them.


Do you feel blessed?


Like waking up and going to bed healthy in a peaceful world. To have all of our senses and abilities functioning well is a blessing. For those who are challenged, finding ways to cope, function, and potentially thrive is a blessing.


Why are we here on Earth?

Is there a purpose to our lives?

What is our potential?


These ageless and universal questions are explored in WokeUp.Love


I suggest you read slowly, letting the feelings that are evoked by the poems and prayers sink in and shift your perceptions on a cellular level. May you enjoy this adventure into the sacred chambers of your heart.




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