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Emerald Starr


I was born into a loving family as David Page Charry, arriving into our world 6 years after the end of World War 2 and during the Korean and Cold Wars. One of my earliest memories is going to sleep each night with a prayer for all people to learn to love each other and live in peace.


Nature has guided me throughout my life, the source of nourishment for my body, mind and soul.


As I grew into adulthood, many of my dreams and visions were shattered. I came to know the depths and complexity of the emotional realm of humans, witnessing and experiencing how destructive and violent we can be, as well as experiencing ecstatic love and friendship.


In my youth I yearned to understand the nature of reality and plunged into the depths of my psyche. Early on I encountered within myself the capacity to express both the highest and lowest aspects of human nature and act accordingly; from the demonic to the angelic. I knew that the only difference between me and murderers was the choices that we made based on our values as influenced by our psychological make up. In that moment I realized that we are all connected to a common source, actors in the drama of life on Earth.



In my 30’s I moved to Maui, Hawai’i with my beloved wife. There I studied with a Kahuna Pule, and came in touch with aspects of my heart that were hitherto unfamiliar. My wife guided me into the realms of Sacred Sexuality and I expanded, growing beyond the person whom I had been.


At one point I felt a deep calling to take on another name. My Hawai’ian teacher told me that in their tradition people often change their names as energies from within call for them to grow and evolve. I was given instructions, participated in ceremonies, honored my lineage name, and embodied my new name that came to me in a vision; Emerald D. H. Starr was born, grounding the energies that this vibration has blessed me with.


In 1989, after separating from my wife, I moved to Bali, Indonesia, where I have lived until now. The spiritual nature of the Balinese Hindu culture resonated deeply with me. Being welcomed warmly by the Balinese people, I knew that I had “come home”.


Several foundational principles of Balinese spiritual culture have guided their lives and inspired myself and others who have studied them worldwide:

  • Tri Hita Karana, the sacred relationships that when in balance are essential for health and well-being personally and for community. These are the relationships between...

    •  humans and nature,

    • humans and humans,

    • humans and the divine

  • Sekala, the worlds of the seen, of the senses, and

  • Niskala, the worlds of the unseen

Before embarking on any undertaking, the Balinese will always make offerings to the Niskala realm. They understand and know that all that is created begins as an idea which is invisible. They also know that in order for anything to be of lasting success, it must be in harmony with Tri Hita Karana. These understandings are unique to Balinese Hinduism, and guiding principles in their lives.


Throughout my life I have been informed by the numinous. As we journey together I will share stories that have transformed and inspired me. Loving and being loved has always been a central theme, and always manifested in the most unusual and unconventional ways.

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