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WokeUp.Love is a call to consciousness from Mother Earth for her human children to awaken into and embrace loving kindness and compassion. Love is the antidote to hate, kindness the antidote to cruelty, and compassion the antidote to indifference and heartlessness. In this phase of our evolution we are encountering unprecedented manipulation by those seeking power and wealth. Division and mistrust are causing a rift in our ability to unite as one great family to care for our Mother Earth and each other. It is of primary importance that we respect our different cultures, our individuality, needs and sovereignty. Much of humanity has become lost in greed, violence and aggression which is paving a path toward our self-destruction. Only a great awakening of consciousness into our loving, kind and compassionate nature can save us from an apocalyptic future.

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Nature Tokens

Mission and Vision

The writings and links that are published on WokeUp.Love are meant to inspire and contribute to the awakening of consciousness that will chart the course of humanity’s evolution enabling us to thrive in this Universe.


WokeUp.Love is both an intimate call for personal healing and transformation as well a hub that brings together a global network of those who stand for regenerative and sustainable living in an atmosphere of mutual cooperation and understanding.


There are a vast number of people and organizations worldwide who are already doing this, and we are humbled to join this movement at a time when every voice that is aligned with this mission needs to be heard.

This pivotal moment in human history is a great opportunity and has been foretold by past visionaries; French Theologian-Paleontologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, French mathematician Édouard Le Roy, and Russian geochemist Vladimir Vernadsky. They coined the term Noosphere when they met in Paris in 1922, which very basically refers to “planetary mind”.



According to these visionaries, the human race is in the process of evolution from the Technosphere to the Noosphere, which will enable us to unite with other conscious beings in the Universe who have achieved coherence within their worlds.

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